PSI New Group Membership

For individual instead of group membership, click on the "Individual User?" button above.

If you have an existing group membership, please renew through the PSI Portal or use the group renewal form.

You will have the option to add individual sub-members to your group in a subsequent screen, or you can enter them later through the Portal. Please make sure that at least one sub-member is connected to the group membership; you can start by adding yourself as a sub-member (if you are to be one of the people receiving member benefits).

Thank you! Feel free to email questions to:

Your membership supports PSI as we provide direct peer support to families, train professionals, and provide a bridge to connect them.


Create Login/Password

Please create a login and password below for your business/organization account. Password must be at least eight characters long, with at least one number. You will be able to manage the group membership through the Portal using this login.

Each sub-member of the group can set up their own individual logins/passwords later (using the link they will receive in their automatic membership confirmation email) so that they can better access their member benefits.

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